You are a smart and motivated woman.

You know you want more from your life, but you are trapped in the pattern of over-giving and taking care of everyone else.

But what if I told you that now could be your time.  

What if it didn't have to be the way it's always been? 

I'm here to tell you that you deserve the best in your life!
Whether you know it or not, your family wants this for you too.
So the choice is yours. You can do nothing and continue as you have been… scared and afraid that the best years are behind you.
Or, you can decide to push ahead, lean into the fear…
and claim the life of joy and purpose that is rightfully yours.
Which do you prefer?
I have been there myself and if I can cut through the crap and get to a
place of joy I know I can help you get there too.
Take a chance and believe in yourself – It’s YOUR TURN to focus on YOU!
Do you struggle with how to move forward
in your life now that it's your turn to focus on your happiness?
  • Have you been too focused on everyone else's needs and don't know how to start thinking about you?
  • Are you worried that focusing on your dreams will cause you to lose friendships or change your relationship with your partner?
  • Does failing at your dreams, now that you have time for them, scare you?
  • Do you feel pursuing your own passions will add to the chaos you are already feeling in life?

Finally, understand why you've been holding back and give yourself permission to claim the power in your life so you can finally be the person you want to be.
I can help you release that side of you that’s just aching to get out and live your greatest life.
You are worthy of achieving what you want in life and I can help you do it because I’ve been there myself.
Meet your Mentor –
Tara Truax
It’s been a very bumpy road in life that has lead me to building Love My Sassy Life. I have 3 adult children who live away from home and one grandchild. I’ve had abuse in my childhood, a couple of divorces, successful and failed businesses. 

During most of this time I was always playing small so those around me could be the center of what was going on. This was me not being disruptive so others could feel good about themselves. I held myself back a lot. Can you relate?
My point is that I’ve been where you are and that is exactly why I’m able to help!

Fortunately, I’m the type of person that can find the silver lining in ANY situation and I’ve taken what I’ve experienced to turned those into lessons I can share with you. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of pretty awesome things in my life too! When I look back I smile and overall have had a happy life. Now, I get to help other women who know they want more in their lives and are ready to go after it.

Are you tired of holding back? Are you ready to finally be true to yourself? The best years are just ahead. I’d love to hear your story and help you with this transition in your life and discover your “what’s next”.
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